Internal theft investigations

Any organization with personal at any given moment runs the risk of internal theft. Damage calculations of theft by employees in the Netherlands vary between 5 to 6 billion euro annually. Such thefts come in different varieties; from taking money or goods to time fraud.  Imagine time fraud as employees doing totally different things during working hours then were they where hired for, frequently visiting  non-businesslike websites, being quit occupied with private activities as the administration of their sports club or executing competitive activities for their own profit.

When such signals arise it is important to address them adequately. It is to easy to think it will blow over by itself. Or that you can handle that all by yourself. In doing so could mean that a lot could go wrong and hence a fraud did not came to light but a labour conflict is born. Unnecessary high costs being the outcome.

That is why it is best to let professionals assist you.

De Fraude Experts have that expertise and you can count on them. First whit a cost free intake where you will meet a understanding listener and then with a clear approach and a structured cost indication. And as soon as the assignment is granted the problem is out of your hands and dealt with within pre-determined limits. You will be kept informed on a regular basis about the progress and of course the results. You will experience that a team of professionals is at your side.